Urban fishing at Mt. Baker beach

One of the things I like the most about Mt. Baker beach in Southeast Seattle is the t-shaped pier that allows visitors to get closer to the water.

If you are trying to sketch the expansive view of Lake Washington, the I-90 bridge and the skyline of downtown Bellevue in the distance, the wooden pier is just the perfect element to make the composition come together.

You may find people with their fishing poles at this beach on any given summer day. Last week, as I was waiting for the Seattle Police Harbor Patrol to tow away a nearby swim raft, I watched a man catch about a dozen perch in the time it took me to sketch him. He said they taste good dipped in flour and fried, which made me rather hungry!

Seattle Times fishing writer Mark Yuasa tells me that perch are abundant now in Lake Washington, but the window of time to catch them will start closing in October.

The window of time to sketch in good weather will also start closing soon, so I was pleased to get three drawings done. You could say both the urban fisherman and I had a very productive morning.