People sketching

It’s been a lot of fun to draw people for the #oneweek100people2017 sketching challenge proposed by fellow #urbansketchers Marc Holmes and Liz Steel.
I gave myself the restriction of not altering my daily routine in order to make the sketches. I also decided I’d draw individual people, one person at a time, using the #ProcreatePocket app on my iPhone. Here you can see them all combined in one sheet. I came short by a lot. Only drew 27, but I’m really happy with the result. It’s giving me the idea of starting my own sketched library of what humans do in their natural habitat. The list:
14 people riding the bus, most of them looking at their phones
7 people waiting at public transit stops
3 school parents waiting to pick up their kids
1 person waiting at a pedestrian crossing
1 construction worker
1 person doing sign-language
So, thank you, Marc and Liz, for setting up the challenge!