Take a look at Claudia the cat’s cozy book nook: Ophelia’s in Fremont

Meet Claudia, the resident cat at Ophelia’s secondhand bookstore in Fremont.

As soon as I entered the store, the friendly feline followed me upstairs to the cozy nook where I settled to sketch. She ran around for a while, smelled my iPad and eventually struck a perfect pose for my drawing.

Bookshop owner Jill Levine adopted Claudia and her brother cat, Oliver, from the previous business owner. “The cats were part of the deal,” said Levine, who keeps Oliver at home because he’s not much of a people person.

Ophelia’s Books is located in the heart of Fremont, near the intersection of Fremont Avenue North and North 35th Street. Apparently I’m not the only one who has missed its lovely storefront before. The bookshop, which is named after another cat from the previous owner, has been here for about 20 years, said Levine, but it’s still a discovery for many newcomers and even some longtime residents.

Like a cozy coffee shop or a public library, Ophelia’s Books is the kind of place I relish spending time when it’s cold outside.

Do you have a favorite shop dog or cat? What’s your go-to wintertime hideout spot in the Puget Sound area?