Hing Hay Park is just a small square. It only takes a half-a-block in the heart of Seattle’s Chinatown/International District. But the colorful place lives…

This bell tower is a landmark in Ballard, a Seattle neighborhood that was its own independent city back in the early 1900s. The bell was…

Summary: A crash course in urban sketching with a basic tool kit consisting of a pocket sketchbook, pencil, pen and watercolors. If you are interested…

I recently redrew one of my pocket sketchbook drawings to illustrate one of my Seattle Times posts.

Spent the afternoon hiking to the Linville Falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Then, sketching heaven happened.

Sitting on the grass in front of my father-in-law’s house. Bic pen and watercolor on Zeta Series Stillman & Birn pocket sketchbook. 1 minute 10 seconds time-lapse video.

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