Here’s a nice souvenir from the workshop I taught in Bothell this past weekend: a video-collage shared by workshop participant Karen Hoelscher, of Bellingham. The…

Sitting on the grass in front of my father-in-law’s house. Bic pen and watercolor on Zeta Series Stillman & Birn pocket sketchbook. 1 minute 10 seconds time-lapse video.

Watch me make a pen drawing of the Virginia V steamship on my pocket sketchbook. The video is a 2-minute time-lapse of 20 minutes of real sketching time.

The 2017 Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago celebrated 10 years since I created the online group where the global community of urban sketchers began to form. In my keynote speech, I described how it all started and what we have accomplished together so far.

Watch my 5-minute presentation on urban sketching around Seattle as part of Ampersand Live, a yearly event where Pacific Northwest storytellers discuss topics related to place, people and how to create a sustainable future for the region.

During the 2nd Urban Sketching Symposium in Lisbon in 2011, I was interviewed for Espaços e Casas, a Portuguese TV broadcast about real estate, architecture, interior design and public spaces.

Seattle videojournalist David Albright shot and edited this video for the Capitol Hill blog. You can see me sketching and interviewing people for my newspaper feature Seattle Sketcher.