It’s been a lot of fun to draw people for the #oneweek100people2017 sketching challenge proposed by fellow #urbansketchers Marc Holmes and Liz Steel. Continue Reading →

When I recently saw photos of Vancouver’s Trump Tower in the news, the building looked familiar. This is why: I unknowingly sketched it during a trip to Vancouver in November! Continue Reading →

It only takes one major incident to halt traffic in Seattle for hours — today it was a tanker rollover that prompted a freeway closure in both directions. I spent some of that time this evening walking from one crowded bus stop to another crowded bus stop until I finally took a bus that quickly filled up with commuters anxious to get home after a long wait. As I usually try to do, I made the best out of the inconvenient situation by making a sketch! For this one, I used the ProCreatePocket app on my iPhone. Hope you made it home OK, fellow commuters!

I had a productive evening commute sketching on my iPhone today. This 30-minute portrait with ProCreate Pocket is the result of just a few glances at a fellow commuter sitting at an angle across from me, therefore it doesn’t quite resemble what he really looked like. It was mostly an exercise in capturing the contrast between shade and light, not to mention making my commute time go by faster!

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