Workshops testimonials

Urban Sketching (Via Zoom due to COVID-19) at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle (various responses from school survey after the class)

“Perfect! I felt like I was learning the entire time”

“Gabriel is awesome! I loved hearing his story and passion for the work. He is an excellent instructor.”

“For a class designed to be done outdoors, walking around, and brought online, I thought it was done very well.”

“Gabriel was a caring instructor who made sure to check in with us, and very organized and detailed in sharing his knowledge with us.”

“I thought it was brilliant and was really satisfied with it. To have access to that much skill at such a low cost is really something.”

Urban Sketching Weekend at Cloud 9 Art School in Bothell, WA

“I attended the Urban Sketching weekend March 2019 in Bothell. Gabriel creates a welcoming space for newbies, as well as those with more sketching experience. The workshop provides a good balance of instruction around urban sketching technique and plenty of in the field sketching experiences with individual feedback from Gabriel along the way. The workshop took my sketching to the next level and got me engaged in the urban sketching community in Seattle. Great experience and highly recommended.”

Richard Hacker

“I came to Gabi’s weekend workshop as a rather new artist. At our opening session I was put completely at ease with his thoughtful ways of sharing his craft and connecting us with local historians. During the next two days, he demonstrated techniques for approaching a scene from an interesting angle, creating a solid sketch, and using color in myriad ways to bring a sketch to life. What a privilege, learning from such an approachable master!”

Karen Hoelscher
Bellingham, WA

“I had a great time and learned a lot especially about the drawing techniques and I’m glad I had the opportunity to further experience with watercolor. For me, the workshop was well-balanced between theory and practice. All that in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with interesting people in a friendly art school!”

Louise Proulx
Quebec City

Pocket Urban Sketching at Hing Hay Park, Seattle

“The workshop was very well organized, with a sequence of activities that built on each other. I was surprised how much we could fit in such a small space, and I discovered the versatility of the humble ballpoint pen. I still carry both the pocket sketchbook and the pen with me at all time as a very minimal sketching set. I particularly enjoyed from the composition tips: how to decide what the sketch is about, how to compose the elements in the sketch, and how to measure so that everything fits on the page. This is something that I can apply regardless of the size of the sketchbook I’m using.”

Antonella Pavese

Chicago in Your Pocket Sketchbook

“I took Gabi’s workshop “Chicago in your Pocket Sketchbook” at Chicago Sketch Seminar and it was a complete and total delight! Both a novice and experienced sketcher will gain a lot of new understanding from it. I’ve been an Urban Sketcher for 8 years and still learned: how sketch standing up, how to sketch really fast, how to scale a giant 180 degrees panorama into a tiny sketchbook, how to make proportions work, and how to travel light and be always prepared. Gabi is a wonderful teacher, his method is easy and lighthearted, but he delivers salient concepts in way that makes sense and stays with you.”

Alex Zonis

“I took the “Chicago in Your Pocket Sketchbook” workshop with Gabi at the USk Chicago Sketch Seminar this year. I enjoyed his personality—his good humor and enthusiasm—and his instruction was thoughtful, clear, and quite useful. Before providing guidance on how to put a pocket sketchbook to good use, he explained how he thinks about sketching, what he values, and how using a tiny sketchbook ties into his routine and overall purposes. Such reflection helps the student to also ponder what her own sketching intentions might be. Before leading the group in two extended exercises in arranging several images of different sizes and in scaling down large scenes, he demonstrated aspects I hadn’t anticipated—for instance, how exactly to position oneself when sketching while standing and how to think about framing one’s subject. Later, he discussed all the practical aspects of using watercolor in one’s sketch while out and about. In sum, the workshop was very educational and inspiring, and I highly recommend studying with Gabi if you get the opportunity.”

Leslie Akchurin
Lubbock, Texas