Here’s a nice souvenir from the workshop I taught in Bothell this past weekend: a video-collage shared by workshop participant Karen Hoelscher, of Bellingham. The…

Sitting on the grass in front of my father-in-law’s house. Bic pen and watercolor on Zeta Series Stillman & Birn pocket sketchbook. 1 minute 10 seconds time-lapse video.

Watch me make a pen drawing of the Virginia V steamship on my pocket sketchbook. The video is a 2-minute time-lapse of 20 minutes of real sketching time.

The 2017 Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago celebrated 10 years since I created the online group where the global community of urban sketchers began to form. In my keynote speech, I described how it all started and what we have accomplished together so far.

Watch my 5-minute presentation on urban sketching around Seattle as part of Ampersand Live, a yearly event where Pacific Northwest storytellers discuss topics related to place, people and how to create a sustainable future for the region.

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